Monday, October 3, 2022

Book Announcement: Sidewise Musings

Announcing Sideways Musings, volume 5 in the Ifscapes series — now available on Amazon Kindle!

From the book description:

"How many Mercurians does it take to change a light-bulb in a far-away citadel of lights? What really caused the literal downfall of Atlantis? Does a meeting of artificial intelligence and asteroids really equal a new empire? Ifscapes teases these questions and more as the series travels underground, upside-down, sidewise, and otherwise in the latest collection of meta-myth science fiction and fantasy short stories. . . .

Inverted and retroverted worlds meet with remote non-human resources, chronological catastrophes, fantastic islands, and robotic antagonists in just a few worldscapes, timescapes, and landscapes of If. Is it when in Rome that you do as the Pallentinians do, or was that in Babylon, or even in Troy? Are the enemies at Thebes’ gates or in the palace halls? Which came first, Socrates or the dialogue? Volume Five in the multiverse of Ifscapes, Sidewise Musings ponders the boundaries and puzzles the pundits with a whole new array of meta-myth manuscript discoveries, athwart adventures, and oblique obstacles of space and time."

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