Tuesday, May 24, 2022

More Endorsements for The Bible and the Holographic Universe

 “This book is a life changer! The reality we think we are living in is not the primary world but a holographic image or a simulated reality. Ultimate reality is in the next life, and only what we have done for the glory of God will count when we step into eternity. If you are intentional about living a life of value, I highly recommend reading this book.”
—Aletha Hinthorn, founder, Women Alive

“Cynthia Polsley adds layers of dimensionality to what it means to develop an eternal perspective. She nails it: ‘It turns out that the reality we think we are living in is not the primary world.’ I loved her insight and ability to not only think outside the box but articulate how to get there.”
—Sue Bohlin, associate writer and speaker, Probe Ministries 

Press Kit available upon request.

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  1. Hello Dr Cara. I tried to contact you through the Contact form here on your blog but my message never went through.

    I just purchased your book on the concept of a Holographic Universe from a Biblical perspective. I would really love to hear you speak with the hosts of my favorite podcast on this topic. The podcast is called Blurry Creatures, the hosts and 99% of the guests are spirit filled born again Christians who speak on a number of "blurry" topics. I would like to reach out to them on our members Discord chat to request they have you on. If that is something you're interested in, may I have your email address so they may contact you? Or perhaps you would like to get in touch with them yourself. Their Contact information is easily found on their website Blurry Creatures Podcast. I'm enjoying the book. Thank you for the distinction between matrix and Holographic. I would really love to hear y'all discuss this.

    Also, I really enjoyed learning more about your journey as a student at Yale. All Glory to God!

    Many blessings sister,