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In June 2013, my family’s vehicle was rear-ended by a distracted driver on the highway.  I sustained a T10-12 spinal cord injury in the accident.  Doctors originally diagnosed the injury as an ASIA A complete and gave no hope of walking again.  
Over seven years later, I’ve progressed from slight hip movement to walking with KAFOs.  My goal is to learn to walk without braces and to achieve as much recovery as possible.  It’s been a rigorous journey, dependent on miraculous muscle development, support from family and friends, and ongoing encouragement.  This blog is intended to share that recovery: to urge those with similar injuries to believe that it is worth striving for further mobility, independence, and recovery; and to educate still others about spinal cord injuries in general.  
All of the exercises and work between December 2013 and November 2017 were done without organized therapy.  I am not a medical expert and do not claim to have any professional medical experience, but hope that others will be encouraged by the comments, videos, and informational links posted here.  Thank you to everyone who has been part of helping me get back up again!

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