Monday, May 27, 2019

Cordical's AccessiRep: Working to Solve a Repeated Problem

Ever since my injury, I have worked hard to get back on my feet.  But unfortunately, regular pedometers and trackers don’t measure much of my activity, if they register any of it at all.  When I was first beginning to walk regularly, charting progress became more and more important.  I counted steps to judge distance and improvements, but with a spinal cord injury, it’s difficult enough simply to focus on taking steps, much less count them at the same time! 

Fixing that situation has been one of the goals of Cordical, a technological start-up founded by me and an extremely talented computer scientist, who happens to be my brother.  Together, we designed AccessiRep, a step counter and activity repetition tracker.  I can launch the application on my phone and put it on a walker, and the app will track my motion and count my steps for me.  It registers activity on a chart and will count aloud if desired.  We are excited to release AccessiRep on Apple’s App Store for $2, and hope that others will see the app’s potential for use in many settings, with disabilities or not.  Since this is our initial release, we also would like feedback on user experiences as we look forward to improving AccessiRep and making it even more personalized and adaptable.

AccessiRep is not a therapy device so much as it is a fitness tool.  Its present features include calibrating for different levels of sensitivity to support multiple types of activity detection, a graph showing movement duration and intensity, private access to past results, and an optional audio counter that will count your exercise repetitions out loud as you work.  Basically, AccessiRep can be put to work for many creative purposes and programs.  In many ways, it’s been a game-changer for me personally.

To learn more about Cordical, follow this link to our website, and to see more on AccessiRep or to purchase the app, follow this link to the App Store