Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Book Endorsement from Dr. Greg Ammons

Thank you to Dr. Greg Ammons for his endorsement of A Primer on Messianic Prophecy!

"Cynthia C. Polsley has written masterfully in her work, A Primer on Messianic Prophecy:  A Bible Journey Through the First and Second Comings of Christ.  Detailing the First and Second comings of the Messiah, Polsley walks the reader through the importance of the background and details of the advents.  Then, the author unfolds the Messiah’s Millennial Kingdom and the eternality of the same. 

In the section on the Messiah’s First Advent, Polsley insightfully records the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus and how they relate to His future coming.  In the Second Coming of Christ, she speaks of both the Rapture and the Revelation of Jesus in a scholarly, yet devotional, manner.  She approaches the Rapture thoughtfully from the Scriptural imagery of a thief and bride.

Later in the book, Polsley details the importance of the millennial kingdom to the reign of Christ.  In a picturesque way, the author describes the stages of a Jewish marriage in the Messiah’s taking of His bride.  Finally, she includes appendices of how to become a Christian, the importance of the Jewish feasts to the Messiah’s reign, as well as the Old Testament tabernacle and its significance.

Polsley’s work is readable for any believer, yet scholarly enough to serve as a textbook.  She weaves the authority of Scripture deftly with strong historical and extra-biblical sources.  As both a pastor of a local church and adjunct university professor, I highly recommend A Primer on Messianic Prophecy for both the pew and classroom."

- Dr. Greg Ammons

Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Garland, Texas

Adjunct Professor, Dallas Baptist University