Thursday, June 3, 2021

Virtual ConQuesT 52

Thank you to the ConQuesT 52 organizers and members for the opportunity to join the "Writing When Life Rolls Over You" panel this past weekend!  ConQuesT, "Kansas City's Original Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention," takes place every Memorial Day weekend.  The weekend's theme, "The Future Is Now (and Then) . . . ," was a great reminder of science fiction's ability to take us in many directions at the same time.  

Looking in many directions at once was a major aspect of the panel's discussion.  What do you do to keep writing and to stay focused in the face of adversity, daily obstacles, and time constraints?  Since dealing with a spinal cord injury involves a special degree of prayer, innovation, flexibility, and support, I felt right at home with the panel's topic.  Thanks to my fellow panelists Rosemary Williams and Lynette M. Burrows for sharing their tips and strategies!