Friday, December 21, 2018

Video Update: Standing, No Help and Almost No Hands!

Video Update for December 2018: Standing with no help and almost no hands!  I'm seeing more muscle activity returning all the time, and hope to have more functional changes soon.  More to come.

Monday, December 10, 2018

June 2014 Throwback

The newest video on my YouTube channel is by request.  It’s actually one of my oldest walking videos.  It was taken in June 2014, and shows the original KAFOs I used.  They were molded from heavy plastic with metal drop locks on the knees.  The knee joints dropped into a locked position when they were pulled straight.  There was a large metal loop on the back of each knee to activate the locks. 
This video shows the complete “Up and About” system.  It has a bracket between the tops of the legs, helping with reciprocal gait without allowing too much swing.  The thick belt (which I did not end up using) is for better hip and lower-back control.  The Up and About bracket and belt just attach to the tops of the KAFOs.  In my case, that worked great: we took off the belt and then the bracket, and even removed the metal loops so that the knees would no longer lock.  KAFOs usually have knee locks of some kind, but do not always have the bracket or hip belt; that’s specifically the Up and About.  
Note: If you’re considering KAFOs but have not been on your feet in a while, please be careful to work slowly at first.  Standing after sitting a long time is wonderful for your health and (I think) absolutely worth it, even for short periods.  But it can be dangerous if you aren’t paying attention: e.g., blood pressure changes, possible falls, or osteoporosis  (poor bone density, induced by spinal cord injury, can lead to broken bones).  I support walking when you can, and am happy to talk with anyone interested in using KAFOs or leg braces.