Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Video Update and Thank You to Biofit

A video update.  I’m holding my own on the rowing machine now, literally: keeping my legs where I want them and using them to help push backward.  This is a work in progress, but when I began working on a stationary rowing machine, I had to have help steadying my knees and ankles.  Certainly an improvement!

Also, since this is a time that is meant to be dedicated to giving thanks, today I’d like to express particular thanks for the wonderful physical therapists at Biofit.  It isn’t easy to find therapy, much less years after an injury that is thought to be so permanent.  But from the time I walked into Biofit, the therapists and personal trainers there have been up to the challenge of pushing for more.  I’ve been extremely grateful for their skill, experience, creativity, and positivity.  Thank you to Justin, Shannon, Kim, and everyone else who has been part of my ongoing recovery!

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