Saturday, July 6, 2024

Coming This Winter! Stanley Lombardo's Aratus, Second Edition

Coming this January from the University of Chicago Press:

The Sky Is Our Song: The "Phaenomena" of Aratus

Second edition

Translated by Stanley Lombardo

With Contributions by Cynthia "Cara" Polsley and Walter Michener

From the book description:

"An ancient Greek guide to the heavens, translated in a new accessible modern English edition. . . .

With this edition, renowned translator and amateur astronomer Stanley Lombardo renders Aratus’s poem in reader-friendly vernacular English verse. Complete with endnotes, an accessible introduction, and astronomically accurate illustrations, The Sky Is Our Song brings this master poet’s celebration of the sky to a twenty-first-century audience, inviting new readers to follow Aratus on a visual journey through star signs, moon phases, weather phenomena, and all wonders of the heavens."

It's a privilege to be part of this project. More to come later this year!

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