Thursday, February 29, 2024

Happy Leap Day! Book Announcement: Battle at the Forks

On the fourth anniversary of Ifscapes, Volume 1 (Ifscapes: Empires and Androids), announcing Ifscapes 9, Battle at the Forks!  From the book description:

Lunar tourism, near-apocalyptic and dystopian outcomes, space colonization, cybernetic networks and robots, and clever extraterrestrial invasion ruses meet at the corner of Greek tragedy, enigmatic archaeological artifacts, crash landings, mysterious creatures, interplanetary politics, and ancient space battles in this short story collection of science fiction meta-myth and alternate historical fiction. Spectacular moments deciding imperial fates? Ingenious individual intrigues changing the course of solar systems? The many crossroads of history, historical fiction, alternate history, possible worlds, and would-have-been worlds split in the antiquity of the ancient future still to come in Ifscapes, Volume 9: Battle at the Forks.

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