Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Book Announcement: On the Cybernetic Circuit

Now out on Kindle!  Ifscapes, Volume 8: On the Cybernetic Circuit

From the book description:

Ifscapes 8 makes the rounds of galaxies and motherboards in the newest installment of the series, On the Cybernetic Circuit. Can a robot really replace a human explorer or astronaut? Will artificial intelligence take over, or is it a figment of the cyborgs’ imagination? Where do AI, androids, and Andromeda meet singularity, sentience, and Sol? From big questions to the big top, the Ifscapes multiverse marches on, sweeping the systems at home and abroad.

In this volume of Ifscapes:

- sail the high seas with unexpected companions

- enjoy an insider’s view of adventure sports and exploits in outer space

- reconsider human nature through a robot’s eyes

- terraform new worlds far distant from the Solar System

- watch artificial intelligence develop from the inside out

- upgrade from settlers’ habitations to epic galactic palaces

Space colonization, star alliances with extraterrestrial visitors, android bureaucrats, and robotic upgrades all feature in this collection of science fiction stories. Interplanetary warfare, incipient empires, shaky federations, and mysterious expeditions are the latest victims of AI-generated mishaps . . . or are they? Plumb the innovative depths of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, human error, convergence, and more in the developing databanks of Ifscapes Volume 8, On the Cybernetic Circuit.

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