Thursday, August 10, 2023

Book Announcement: Spurious Passages

Announcing Volume 7 in the Ifscapes series: Spurious Passages!

Now available on Amazon:

The multiverse of the Ifscapes series continues to expand with Volume 7, Spurious Passages. What’s real and what’s fake in the range of many universes at once? Can the casting company find a proper Odyssean actor with suitable knowledge of the Bronze Age and Homer’s Cretan Lie? Is interplanetary warfare an empire’s endgame in the age of hover technology, upgraded centurions, and legions from the edge of a known universe? It might take bureaucrats in a conference call or soldiers on a military campaign to find out.

In this volume of Ifscapes:

- take on artificial intelligence at home and abroad

- survive the hazards of the Battle of Mons Olympus

- trek through the jungle with bots, robots, mysterious explorers, and other castaways

- travel unbeaten paths of ancient-world outer space tourism

- sit in on behind-the-scenes commentary of imperial proportions

Passages through space, time, intergalactic settlements, and satire meet with humor, androids, alien invasions, and the intrigues of AI in this latest installment of Ifscapes, where travelogues of Horace and Vergil, the Annals of Ennius, and Tacitus’s histories fit right in with the many possible worlds of androids, colonization, multiple selves, cybernetics and neural implants, and other dimensions. Drama, action, surprise endings, and comedy are all on the table and the travel itinerary in Ifscapes 7, Spurious Passages.

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