Saturday, February 29, 2020

Book Announcement: "Ifscapes: Empires and Androids" on Amazon

Happy Leap Day! To celebrate February 29 this year, I’m releasing my first short story collection, Ifscapes: Empires and Androids, featuring meta-myth, science fiction, and fantasy stories inspired by the ancient world. The book is exclusively available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon for $2.99. Please consider downloading a copy and leaving a review. Thank you to my readers and reviewers!
From the book description: "Alternate history, possible worlds, parallel universes, and counterfactuals/ contrafactuals come together in these speculative reimaginings of classical history, myths, and characters. Twelve stories feature a wide array of themes and translated excerpts from actual Greek and Roman texts, all injected into visionary future-pasts. This collection is for anybody with a taste for adventure, enthusiasm for the unknown, a penchant for science fiction or fantasy, or just a passing interest in antiquity or its literature and languages."

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