Monday, July 22, 2019

The EpiPen is Mightier than the Spinal Cord Trauma?

I've posted on some fascinating technology and treatments in the past, but this development is an eye-catcher.  Scientists at the University of Michigan discovered that an injection of non-pharmaceutical nanoparticles after a spinal cord injury can redirect the natural immune response and support nervous system repair.  This "EpiPen" for the SCI would minimize or possibly even prevent dangerous inflammation and promote regeneration at a critical time, maybe inhibiting the growth of scar tissue that could (literally) stand in the way of nerve regeneration.
Nanotechnology in medicine sounds like science fiction, but it isn't.  It's part of a much larger conversation about safe, responsible application of nanoparticles in contexts ranging from spaceflight and bioethics to car manufacture and food production.  SCI EpiPens are an incredible entry into the debate.  Practically speaking, they could change a lot of lives.  Order yours today?

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