Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Walking with KAFOs (Lauren Rose)

When I saw this video of Lauren Rose walking with KAFOs, it brought back a lot of memories of starting out with orthotics.  What Lauren is doing three years after her spinal cord injury is supposedly impossible.  SCIs aren't easy, spinal fusions aren't easy, and KAFOs aren't easy.  But if Lauren's progress doesn't speak for itself, here's a quote from her: "Being able to move, exercise, and be healthy is such a blessing.  Love the process and be grateful for every step along the way.  It's a slow process but quitting won't speed it up.  You have to believe in what you pray for." 
Although getting beyond locked-knee long-leg braces has been a difficult journey, it has been well worth it every step of the way.  I'm really glad that Lauren has not given up.  It is great to see that she is truly making progress and encouraging others to push forward, too. 

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