Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Another Approach

For many people, therapy after a spinal cord injury ends when insurance runs out.  The general belief is that there simply is not much recovery after a SCI.  If the expectation is that rehabilitation brings very little functional return, why pay for it?

Cayden Hoth’s story is a good case for thinking differently.  Cayden was paralyzed almost two years ago.  With support from the Falling Forward Foundation, he has been able to pursue therapy consistently since he was injured.  Falling Forward was started by Sam Porritt, who has worked hard to recover from his own spinal cord injury in 2011.  Like Sam, Cayden is back to walking again, and is even swimming and bowling.

How much more improvement could there be if the narrative were different and acknowledged that we don’t know individual outcomes, and that sometimes recovery is possible?  Thank you to the Falling Forward Foundation for helping Cayden’s family to find out.

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