Thursday, May 4, 2017

Does It Hurt? About SCIs and Pain

Did you know that a spinal cord injury can cause pain?  People who ask are often surprised to learn that a SCI in some cases means extreme nerve, musculoskeletal, and/ or other types of pain.  Neuropathy, or nerve pain, can be described as a relentless burning, stabbing, and/ or aching feeling that occurs just about anywhere in the body, depending on the level of injury.  Not everyone has it, but it can be debilitating.  I have had it consistently since my injury and can attest to how overwhelming nerve pain is.  It’s probably one of multiple reasons that the average employment rate after SCI is an estimated 35%.  Painkillers are not necessarily effective treatment for pain.  For me, medication (including morphine) never worked as a preventative.  Active movement has been the best help.  Since that’s not always possible for everybody, other ideas are B vitamins like B1, B6, and B12fish oil supplements such as DHA; essential oils; and diet changes.  Like the actual injury, it’s different for everyone.

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