Friday, March 17, 2017

A Note on Exosuits

Curious about exoskeletons?  This article is a worthy source, with links and basic information about emerging models and the companies designing them.  As you can see, some people are actually taking exoskeletons home now.

Tom Looby of Ekso Bionics makes a good point in the article.  Commenting on the Kessler Foundation's findings that exosuits help with walking "faster and farther," Looby states,
"Why do steps matter?  Repetition."  He explains that those who leave rehab with more capability may live healthier, longer lives, with reduced healthcare costs.

I think that "repetition" is a great answer for another reason: the prospect of unexpected physical recovery linked to rebuilding neural pathways or achieving more muscle memory.  And as more people can work with bionic legs and exoskeletons in unconventional settings, we have the chance to find out!

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